Ontario Man Sues Cineplex After Choking On Popcorn

WINNIPEG, MB — An Ontario man is suing Cineplex claiming he nearly choked to death on their popcorn.

28-year-old Chadrick John Veenhof saw a movie at a Kitchener theatre in June 2009.

He says Cineplex staff refused to help him and prevented him from receiving any medical care.

Veenhof allegedly suffered low oxygen levels and a cardiac arrest.

He claims Cineplex staff didn’t administer emergency care, prevented certified patrons from stepping in, failed to stop the movie or turn the lights on, and didn’t even call paramedics.

The suit claims the victim was forced into a coma in the hospital and he required an incision to his windpipe.

Cineplex has denied the allegations in a statement filed in court.

It claims an employee took instructions from medical professionals after another patron called 911.

The company also alleges Veenhof was high on marijuana while watching the movie.

A trial is set in March.

—Andrew McCrea, MyToba News

Photo by Andrew McCrea

Andrew McCrea is a hard news junkie with a passion for crime reporting. He studied business, media production, and journalism at Red River College earning two diplomas. McCrea also loves cinema, creative writing, and programming websites and software.
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