“Olympics of Trades” Brought the Best to Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB. – The 2017 Skills Canada National Competition took over the RBC Convention Centre for three days of competitions, networking, and educational workshops earlier this month.

Approximately 550 youth from across Canada competed in more than 40 skilled trade and technology competitions, including robotics, cabinetmaking, landscape gardening, cooking, graphic design, welding, autobody repair, hairstyling, fashion technology, mechanical CADD, and a variety of others.

The two-day event garnered the best of the best to compete against one another in Canada’s only national, multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices.

In addition to the competition, there were many try-a-trade booths set up where people could try their hands at different skills and trades.

The host team from Manitoba had a very successful competition, finishing with 22 medals in total. 6 Gold, 6 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

MB           Kelvin    Michaud                                  Electronics                                                                GOLD

MB           Jose        Inoc                                            Electrical Installations                                     GOLD

MB           Dallas   Duncombe                             CNC Machining                                                       GOLD

MB           Elissa     Polkowski                               Cooking                                                                     GOLD

MB           Alain      Lanouette                              Sheet Metal Work                                                GOLD

MB           Margaret Gehman                             Photography                                                            GOLD

MB           Geric      Raval                                         Mechanical CADD                                                 SILVER

MB           Martin  Krutsch                                     Autobody Repair                                              SILVER

MB           Daniel   Riege                                         Aerospace Technology                                      SILVER

MB           Colin      Breckman                               Brick Masonry                                                         SILVER

MB           Raven    Tiroy                                           IT/Network Systems Administration       SILVER

MB           Emily      Villanueva                             Job Skill Demonstration                                       SILVER

MB           Bryce     Parnetta                                 Robotics                                                                      BRONZE

MB           Mohit    Patel                                          Robotics                                                                      BRONZE

MB           Brad       Hooper                                   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning                 BRONZE

MB           Bernal   Delos Santos                          Graphic Design                                                       BRONZE

MB           Nikki       Furlong                                Steamfitter-Pipefitter                                                  BRONZE

MB           Chase    Munsters                                Outdoor Power and Rec Equipment         BRONZE

MB           Madlen Bowen                                    3D Character Computer Animation         BRONZE

MB           Travis Schreibmaier                          3D Character Computer Animation         BRONZE

MB           Vitina Shannacappo                         2D Character Computer Animation         BRONZE

MB           Denice  Villenueva                             2D Character Computer Animation         BRONZE

Staff, MyToba News

Photos Supplied

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