New centre brings Divine Clarity

Winnipeg is now home to a world-class spiritual centre. Divine Clarity started operating almost a decade ago in the Charleswood home of Kristel and Darcy Kernaghan. But they recently moved their booming practice to St. James at 2071-Portage Avenue across from the Assiniboine Park footbridge. Divine Clarity offers over 25 healing services and teaches more than 40 classes and workshops a year. The centre also features a metaphysical shoppe with a wide variety of books, crystals, jewelry and other gifts and treasures.


Kristel is a third generation natural psychic medium born with the gift of connecting people with spirit (loved ones in Heaven). As an evidential medium, Kristel connects people with their loved ones in spirit (humans or animals) and provides validating messages to confirm it’s them. The website is loaded with testimonials from people who have been helped. Kristel’s group medium readings have become very popular, so popular she’s planning a western Canadian tour. She’s also an ordained non-denominational interfaith minister who believes in universal oneness.


Darcy is a master hypnotherapist trained in a variety of healing services. His specialties include past life regression and Reiki. Darcy says he and Kristel love helping people bridge the gap between science (quantum physics) and spirituality and better understand the connection between mind, body and spirit.


Divine Clarity is holding a grand opening celebration this Saturday April 16th from 10 AM until 5:30 PM. The event will include free presentations and over $2,000 in prizes.


—Hal Anderson,

BSI March 10

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