MPI Ups Third Party Liability Coverage Options

WINNIPEG, MB. — Drivers in Manitoba will soon be able to purchase higher levels of Third Party Liability insurance coverage.

Effective March 1st, new $7-million and $10-million liability coverage options will be available to supplement the $1-million, $2-million and $5-million coverage options already available for most vehicles.

Rental Vehicle Insurance offered by Manitoba Public Insurance will also automatically include the new $10 million liability coverage limit.

All customers will be able to purchase increased liability coverage starting March 1, 2017, regardless of their renewal or re-assessment date.

“Court judgments in the United States and some Canadian provinces can far exceed Manitoba’s current liability coverage limits,” says Crown Services Minister Ron Schuler.

“These court actions represent a real risk for Manitobans who drive their vehicles outside Manitoba and I am pleased that Manitoba Public Insurance is continuing to evolve its products and services to meet the needs of its customers.”

Third Party Liability coverage protects Manitoba vehicle owners and drivers if they are sued for property damage caused from at-fault motor vehicle collisions, or injuries to other people resulting from collisions outside Manitoba.

In these cases, vehicle owners and drivers could be legally obligated to pay court judgments that exceed the limit of liability coverage carried.

“Manitobans who drive their own vehicles or use rental vehicles outside the province are particularly exposed, and are encouraged to consider these new optional coverage options,” says MPI’s Ward Keith.

“Whether driving outside Manitoba on business, vacation, or just on weekend trips to the United States or to cottage country in Ontario, these new coverage options provide additional protection from financial risk in the event of a serious at-fault motor vehicle collision.”

“Our members regularly travel outside of the province and have always been able to rely on their CAA memberships for peace of mind,” says CAA Manitoba president Mike Mager.

“Now, our members and all Manitoba drivers can feel reassured with the added security of increased Third Party Liability coverage that can save them from millions of dollars in financial exposure in a worst-case scenario.”

If your vehicle is in a collision, you can be legally responsible for property damage claims made against you or for injuries you cause in a collision outside Manitoba.

In Manitoba and most other Canadian provinces, non-commercial vehicles must be insured with minimum $200,000 Third Party Liability coverage.

Manitoba Public Insurance offers higher liability coverage options to supplement the minimum legally required coverage under the basic compulsory Autopac program.

With Third Party Liability coverage, you’re covered when driving your own vehicle or when someone else drives your vehicle, with your permission.

When driving someone else’s vehicle, you’re also protected as long as you’re driving with the owner’s permission.

In all cases, the driver must have a valid driver’s licence.

If you need to rent a vehicle, it’s a good idea to think about the insurance protection you’ll need.

Rental Vehicle insurance from Manitoba Public Insurance provides better coverage at a substantially lower cost than most rental companies.

The financial risks of renting a vehicle outside Manitoba are particularly significant:

  • Others involved in a collision may claim against you. You could wind up with a huge bill for injuries to others and for damage to property.
  • You’re personally responsible for damage to the vehicle you rent, whether or not you’re at fault. Most rental companies also charge “down-time” to compensate them for the time the rental vehicle is off the road being fixed or replaced.
  • If your initial rental vehicle is unable to be driven because of a collision, you may need to rent another one at your own cost.

—MyToba News

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