Manitoba Vets Want Government Action

WINNIPEG, MB – A young woman,  24 year old Donnelly Rose Eaglestick, was mauled to death by a pack of dogs on the weekend at Little Grand Rapids First Nation. And now, Manitoba veterinarians and rescue groups are calling on the federal and provincial governments to take immediate action.

They say the problem can’t be fixed alone by the dozens of first nations across the province, they need help from Ottawa and the Pallister Government.

Little Grand Rapids plans to cull its stray dog population. But animal experts say killing these dogs is a traumatic last resort that takes an emotional toll on the community.

Hal Anderson, MyToba News

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  • Bob haegeman says:

    Nope, vet’s want goverment financing, a cull and vigorous enforcement of animal by-laws are the most viable and real answer. Owners kennel or control animals or they are removed, period.

  • Stand up and take account says:

    Government help? with what? Cull the wild dogs and be done with it. Then look after what’s left. This is no Government problem and hardly a new practice.

  • Karen says:

    It is very sad this young lady lost her life and my condolences to the family, however this is not the dogs fault neither, If people would not get a cute puppy for whatever reason then get tired of feeding, loving and fixing that dog, so they just ignore the poor animal then what the hell do you expect? If you are not going to treat your pet as a family member…Don’t Get A Pet!!!!