Pair busted with $60K of contraband cigs

Two people from Manitoba are facing charges for smuggling cigarettes in from Ontario.

They were driving in Kenora Sunday evening when Ontario Provincial Police pulled them over.

A search yielded 20 unmarked cases of contraband cigarettes worth an estimated $60,000.

A 62-year-old Shilo man, Richard Psutka, and a 42-year-old Brandon woman, Yesenia Rivera De Cisneros, are charged with drug trafficking.

The pair are due in a Kenora court room in June.

—Andrew McCrea,

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  • Bob M. says:

    Don’t release or feed them until they have smoked each and every cigarette.

  • benefield says:

    You wouldn’t have this if the taxation rate was equal to all Canadians. That just creates the temptation.Why is it we are paying more again????

  • fox_warren says:

    Subsidizing the East has always been the priority. Whether it be cigarettes or other provincial trade barriers. Wine, spirits. The policies are in fact an institution and cannot and will not be changed. Ever, ever, ever! “They talk the talk”