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Welcome to MyToba’s new Feel Good Fridays column, where you are guaranteed to find good news each week. Has someone gone out of their way to help you? Did you benefit from a random act of kindness? We want to hear about it!

Each week, one lucky recipient will win a $20 gift card to Domino’s Manitoba. Domino’s will also give another gift card to the Good Samaritan if at all possible. Please send your good news stories and photos to jh at mytoba dot ca. We’d love some stories about Manitobans helping others.

Today’s story comes from Brian and Kim Latimer, and has been edited slightly for length.

“I have a story of an experience that recently occurred to my wife and I while traveling to the U.S.

In June, we traveled down to Jackson, Ohio to visit family who had just received some very upsetting news. It rained half the trip.  Attached to our new ride was our new motorcycle trailer.

On returning, I noticed that the safety chains were dragging on the ground, and my first thought was, “How the heck did we bend the hitch?”  On closer inspection, I noticed that I didn’t bend the hitch, but actually broke it.  We went inside and the people at the museum directed me up the street to a local muffler shop to see if they could help me.

Act of Kindness #1:
There we met a fellow named Eric.  I told him our plight and he explained to me that he was just leaving, but since only he could use the welder at that location, he’d help us out.  So, we pulled the hitch off and he welded it up.  Problem solved and we could get going again.  I asked him how much we owed him.  He said, don’t worry about it.  He is a fellow rider, and he knows what it is like to have troubles on the road.  I offered again, and he again refused with a smile.  We shook hands and parted ways.

The next day, the hitch broke again after 800 miles.

Act of Kindness #2:

We pulled into a small town about two hours south of Minneapolis.  There, on a Sunday at about 4:30 in the afternoon, I found an auto-parts store much like a NAPA or other such store. I met the guy at the till and told him our story.  I asked if he knew of anyone who had a welder as a hobbyist or someone else they may be aware of.  A patron spoke up stating his friend lived on a farm just outside of town and would give him a call.  His friend said sure, he could help, but his buddy would have to come out too so he could watch the baby while he got us fixed up. We got the hitch off quickly, (I was at least getting good at this part), and once again, a perfect stranger got us fixed up and ready to hit the road.  I asked him how much he would like for getting us back on the road.  He held up his hand shaking his head stating he just wanted to help out.  Well, this time I insisted and gave the man $40 to take his family out for supper at least as it was after 6 p.m. now.  Once again, I shook hands with a complete stranger who simply was happy seeing us on our way.

We continued into Minneapolis and needed to stop for fuel.  Now as a force of habit, I checked the hitch.  Sure enough, it had broke yet one more time.

Act of Kindness #3:

At a loss of how to proceed, I posted an S.O.S. on a website for Slingshot owners. A fellow told me he would be happy to take my hitch and bring it to the manufacturer and I could have his hitch in return. He told me that he did the product testing for the hitch and that they would absolutely reimburse him and this would let us get on our way in the morning without any delay. So, at 10 p.m. I am driving to this total stranger’s home, pulling off my hitch and replacing it with his almost new one. He wished me well,and  again, like everyone before him, he refused any payment. We departed the next day and got back home to Manitoba without any further issue.

I have never before experienced this level of kindness from complete strangers. I am in no way a sentimental person, but this was more than enough to greatly open my eyes and see true goodness in a world that is all too often overshadowed but horror.”

Congratulations, Brian and Kim! You have won a $20 gift card from Domino’s Manitoba.

– J.H. MONCRIEFF, Feel Good Fridays
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J.H. Moncrieff is a Winnipeg journalist. Her articles have appeared in The Globe & Mail, Chatelaine, FLARE, WestJet magazine, Winnipeg Women, and the Winnipeg Free Press. She blogs about unsolved mysteries, the supernatural, haunted places, and spooky true stories at
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