Khrustyky – Ukrainian Fried Cookies

This recipe for Khrustyky, or Ukrainian fried cookies, is the perfect dessert for Christmas, or any day. They are super light and crispy with a hint of sweetness from the icing sugar. They are also fairly simple to make, and don’t require a ton of time.

Unlike a lot of other dough in Ukrainian cooking, this dough only rises for about 30 minutes and doesn’t require a ton of kneading. Some people like to add bourbon to their recipes. I didn’t have any on hand, nor did my Baba put any in her recipe, so I decided to use a bourbon vanilla extract instead.

This recipe makes a lot of cookies, so it is best to fry, cool and freeze them in plastic bags until you want to eat them. You can then thaw them and dust with icing sugar. I don’t recommend dusting with icing sugar and then freezing.

Find the recipe at Claudia’s Cookbook.


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