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Hal Anderson

WINNIPEG, MB – Here are some stories that caught my eye, followed by a twisted thought or two…I hope you find them amusing…

-Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has filed an application to trademark making the “devil horns” gesture with your hands. He says he first started doing this on stage back in 1974. Now, he does it kind of involuntarily due to arthritis.

-KFC is planning to send one of its new spicy Zinger sandwiches into outer space next week with the help of a high-altitude balloon. There’s a launch window opening up next Wednesday. And, of course, at the launch window, they ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

-Author Stephen King has reportedly been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump after tweeting criticisms of the president. Stephen King is the master of terror. Trump is a close second, when his staff sees him tweeting his opinion.

-Radar Online says NBC is freaking out over Megyn Kelly’s ratings and worried she’ll be a disaster when she joins Today in a few weeks. This Sunday, Megyn interviews Alex Jones who has one crazy story after another. Brian Williams worries this guy is after his job.

Hal Anderson, MyToba News

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