Hal Anderson’s Animal Stories

WINNIPEG, MB – Every morning, I get up and snoop around online to see what’s going on. This morning, there seemed to be a lot of animal stories. So I thought I’d put a few of my favorites together and share them with you here on MyToba.


Easter Gator?

A family in South Carolina woke up Sunday morning to a nine foot alligator that climbed a 15 foot staircase and broke through a screen door into their their porch. A wildlife expert was called in to remove the gator. The expert figures the animal is 60 years old and got lost trying to find the breeding pond after a new fence went up. The gator has left them all feeling like a basket case.


Pet Goat Saves Family

10 year old Abigail Bruce says her new pet goat “Speedy” woke her up during an overnight fire by bleating and frantically jumping on her legs and chest. The girl saw smoke and ran to her parents. They all got out through a window. “Speedy” was an early birthday present just two days before the fire. Abigail is just happy her dad really got her goat.


Hoot Would Do That?

In Texas, police rescued an abandoned box of baby owls on the side of a road. The owls were taken to a wildlife rehab centre which says they appear to be very young barn owls. What kind of jerk doesn’t give a hoot about wildlife?

Hal Anderson, MyToba

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