Hal Anderson Returning To CJOB

Hal Anderson

Winnipeg, Manitoba – He’s back folks!

Hal Anderson is returning to 680 CJOB, almost three years after he left because the radio station decided not to renew his contract.

“I’m so excited about going back to my favourite radio station! I’ve missed CJOB and its listeners and I think they’ve missed me too,” said Hal.

He will be doing mornings again but only on weekends. Hal Anderson Weekends debuts on CJOB Saturday, February 4th.

“My new weekend morning show will be like family around a big kitchen table and everyone is welcome to grab a chair,” said Hal.

You will have to wait a few weeks for his new show but Hal will be filling in for two weeks on his old show for the vacationing Shadoe Davis starting this Friday, January 13th.

Hal will also have a new role as CJOB’s Community Ambassador.

Hal will continue to be a part of the MyToba team, sharing his thoughts and stories on Manitoba’s homepage.

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News


Spencer Fernando is a columnist and reporter for MyToba News. You can read more of Spencer’s writing at his website
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  • Brian Barkley says:

    Now that’s a fine move!

  • Barbara Sabanski says:

    ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Congratulations, Hal! – With respect – Barbara Sabanski

  • Carol says:

    Congratulations, Hal! Sounds like a great fit for all involved. I’ll be listening.

  • Alan Anderson says:

    Congrats Hal long overdue

  • Gail Vande Vyvere says:

    Thank goodness. Loved listening to you in the mornings along with the occasional clip with your mom. Welcome back Hal!!

  • Laura says:

    Great to have you back! You are one of the best. Congrats!

  • jasmine mah says:

    I’m so thrilled! CJOB lost that spark in the morning when Hal left. And I love talk radio and that Spark and fun and Hal’s humor will give me a better reason to listen to CJOB! I’m sure many people feel this way

  • Val Morris says:

    congrats Hal – I will be great hearing you again!

  • Cliff Leschyshyn says:

    Congradulations Hal, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY happy to hear that you will be back, especially CJOB. Listen to that station everyday, love the yappy stuff. Said Hi to you once at this cafe on Main & Mayfair in the Peg. Don’t know if it’s still there or not. I’m living in Clear Lake, (22 yr’s). Have family in Wpg. but do not get there often enough. Looking forward to listening even better to your return to radio. You are the best in radio, and no doubt about it. Cheers, cliff

  • Marilyn Budzan says:

    So Happy your back CJOB has not been the same without you, My father passed away in April last year, and a few years back we pulled into the bank and dad was in the passenger seat and you were in the truck parked besides us when he realized it was you, He asked my husband to roll down the window so he could tell you how much he missed you.