Golden Globes: La La Land Wins, Meryl Streep Hits The Donald, Trump Fires Back – Your Source For Entertainment News

Hollywood, California – It was a big night at the Golden Globes for La La Land – taking home 7 awards and breaking the all time record.

It was also a big night for Meryl Streep, at least judging from the attention she received for her speech slamming Donald Trump.

Watch the video above to see coverage of the Golden Globes including part of Streep’s speech.

Unsurprisingly, Trump didn’t waste much time responding to Streep on Twitter:

2017 is off to an entertaining start!

Spencer Fernando, MyToba News

Photo – Twitter

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  • C.R. Koss says:

    A President who governs by Twitter. Wonderful!!!

    • Sunny says:

      Easy to see why The President elect will do that, keeps The Clinton News Network & others from twisting anything he says. This way you know it came from DJT. I have no issue with it at all.

      • Amy Jones says:

        No issues here either. Now the world can see how foolish, misguided, and childish he really is–in case we didn’t already know.

  • Stricker says:

    I support the above statements by president elect DJT.

  • G. Harbottle says:

    There’s a time and place to express one’s political beliefs, but an achievement awards night is not either. Mr. Trump had every reason to reply to such a shameful act.

    • Amy Jones says:

      It’s a matter of professionalism. Whenever someone says something negative about him or doesn’t agree with him, he resorts to name calling on Twitter. This isn’t the behaviour of a future president…or, at least it shouldn’t be. He should have bigger things on his mind than a disparaging speech or the latest SNL skit.

      And often, his lashing out is in direct opposition to what he’s said previously, as when he praised Streep for being one of America’s best actresses (which she is, by far). Now he calls her overrated. He twists his words and opinions whenever it suits him.

  • M pearce says: