We Don’t Agree on Media But We Need It

Brian Barkley Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB – Recent suggestions from south of the border that would potentially legally threaten certain elements of media are frightening and yet there are undercurrents of society that would relish a disappearance of much of our media.

Left leaning and right leaning media have been around since the advent of the first newspapers. Opposition to either side has also been around since the beginning of any kind of news collection. Often times I see people wishing one side would simply go away. The irony is if both sides got their way we’d have no media. Social media brings out the best and worst of these opinions. CBC is often a target. I’m also amused sometimes because I’ve seen so many people get angry at the CBC because it’s “obviously” pro Liberal government.

Others vehemently say CBC is the “obvious” voice of the Conservative party. Stephen Harper’s previous government would certainly say CBC was their enemy. I only use CBC as an example because it polarizes so many Canadians. Many Canadians love the CBC. Many hate the CBC. To further that irony, the opposing sides are absolute that their opinion is absolutely verifiably, guaranteed correct. But media of all kinds polarize Canadians and Americans. There is now a large portion of the populations of both Canada and the U.S. who insist no media can be trusted. That too is frightening.

But also Interesting is the recent upsurge in profits for the New York Times which has now added many new journalists. I hope there are similar financial stories soon from Canadian media companies. We live in a time of journalistic chaos. My hope is we continue in a world of unabated journalism.

Brian Barkley, MyToba News

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