Concept Labs Launches Tech Careers with New Coding Bootcamps

WINNIPEG, MB. – With Winnipeg in the midst of a tech boom, Concept Labs plans to launch careers in software engineering, to help fill local job gaps.

Concept Labs will host two new courses, with the aim of teaching students the fundamentals of software development in as little as eight weeks. For those recently laid off through company restructuring or cost cutting measures, attending a coding bootcamp provides an ideal opportunity for retraining, career exploration or change.

“The biggest problem I faced when learning to code was having no access to immediate feedback,” says Concept Labs CEO, Saurabh Prasad. The former accountant, turned front-end designer, knows the steep learning curve of software development and created Concept Labs to provide the necessary tools and mentorship to anyone looking to build a career in the digital tech industry.

Two to three years of specialized education is often not an affordable or viable option for many. Concept Labs uses the rapid learning model that coding bootcamps are known for, where students learn each level of development as they build a website or app in the span of a few weeks. This model mimics the typical project timeline of developers in a professional setting, and takes students through various levels, from concept to a final working product.

Coding bootcamps have proven successful in cities like Vancouver and Toronto, providing immediate career transition and advancement opportunities. Concept Labs will host their Web Development 101 course for beginners and their Web Development Bootcamp, which is aimed at giving students the knowledge to begin a career as a junior developer. “Coding is a continuous learning process, but once you have the basics, you are off,” says Prasad. “It’s very similar to going to Home Depot to pick up screws, bolts, and lumber to build your fence. Once you know what goes where, it’s easy.”

Concept Labs for MyToba News

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