Canadians Divided over Millions Paid to ex-Guantanamo Inmate

INTERNATIONAL NEWS –  Social media channels in Canada have been outraged at the recent payment made to Omar Khadr by the Candian Government. As you may know, Mr.Khadr admitted to killing an American soldier while fighting with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2002.

One group outraged by the payment, The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, has already started an online petition with over 50, 000 signatures. The petition reads;

“To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Media are reporting that your government is preparing to offer Omar Khadr a $10 million compensation package paid for by Canadian taxpayers.

This is offensive to many Canadians.

Mr.Khadr admitted to killing an American soldier while fighting with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in 2002.

Canadians should not be forced to pay millions of dollars to a killer.

We the undersigned call on the Government of Canada to rescind this proposed compensation package to Omar Khadr.”

You can sign the petition by clicking here.

Linda So, of Reuters News, has more on the story of the millions paid in a settlement from Canadian Government.

Kevin Klein, MyToba News

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  • Allan says:

    I feel sick that our government handed over millions to a terrorist. We must remember he, not any one else, but he, murdered a human being and blinded another. What does this say about us as a country? What could the ten million have bought us? Well, for starters it would have paid for a couple of state of the art medical facilities in say, Peguis F.N. or Shamattawa F. N. Just saying.

  • Dave Bainard says:

    What sickens me is that ALL of his liberal cohorts go blindly by not even a liberal concensus but by what the pmo has as deemed ‘appropriate’. There is no way in this Gods green earth that there can be unanimity on this compensation among even liberals. If they can face their constituents, which they should, can they justify the actions of Goodale and Trudeau Jr?. Every liberal MP should be facing a serious inquistion in the summer BBQ circuit.

  • aime says:

    Trudeau is wasting our tax dollars around the world instead of looking after our own needs

  • Jack says:

    If people research the history of Omar Khadr and his family they will see that it’s clear that he absolutely does not deserve 10.5 million taxpayer dollars nor does he deserve an apology.

    The New York post has an article which goes over the history including Omar Khadr’s family history, close ties to terrorists, and it clearly shows that Khadr deserves nothing.

    What about Tabitha Speers and her two children, who lost a husband and father? What about Lance Morris who lost an eye? What about all the Canadians who return from combat, missing limbs and / or suffering from PTSD? They will get a pittance compared to Khadr. It’s a slap in the face. Or a punch in the gut.

    Canadians are rightly outraged and will remember this travesty next election. The arrogance of this govt knows no bounds.