BREAKING: Van Hits Pedestrians on London Bridge

LONDON, ENGLAND. – There are reports that a number of people were run down by a van on the famous Lond Bridge. There are also several reports of shots fired, this story continues to be unfolding at the moment.

A CNN story is reporting a stabbing in the Borough Market, it has not been confirmed that it is related, however, it is just a few blocks from London Bridge.

The United States Embassy in London has tweeted a request that US citizens contact loved ones to let them know they are safe or suggested they update their social media.

The video above is raw footage from Reuters News. MyToba News will continue to follow the story and provide more details as they become available.

Kevin Klein, MyToba News

Kevin Klein is President and CEO of MyToba News. The former publisher and CEO of the Winnipeg Sun, Kevin has spent several years in Canadian media working in newspapers, radio and television. A proud and passionate citizen of Winnipeg and Manitoba, Kevin is excited to bring you news, pictures and information on the many wonderful charity groups in our province. If you have an event you want us to know about, email Kevin at and follow him on Twitter @kevinkleinwpg.
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  • Ron says:

    With millions of good immigrants coming to Europe and North America , why are we are so focused on these few bad ones? It may take time but, the bad ones will eventually come around and accept and embrace our lifestyle. We just have to be a little more patient and have faith in our system. In my opinion we’re on the right track as far as immigration

  • lenny says:

    The time has come to arm the Bobby and give carry permits to the public.these islamic fools are armed so lets let the public defend them selves.God help Canada, because our head in the sand prime minister does not seem to have the mental capability to realize the danger to us by letting them into our country unchecked. I am afraid the Canadian way of life will soon be history thanks to the likes of justin and the Liberals. But we will be able to smoke up ,so it won’t hurt so bad!!!!!!!!!!!