Serial Animal Killer May Be On Loose In London

*Note: The following story contains gruesome details about murdered animals. Reader discretion is advised.

LONDON, ON — London, Ontario may have a serial animal killer on the loose.

There have been 17 cases of dead animals being found with mutilated bodies.

Those include six coyotes, one bunny, one cat, one dog, several snakes, and birds.

Some of the animals have been skinned, decapitated, or left in strange poses.

London police say the killer has sometimes stabbed, strangled, or broken the necks of the animals.

The unknown suspect may be escalating the crimes, starting with wildlife before moving on to domesticated pets.

Investigators believe a scalpel was used in each murder and that the animals were killed at a separate location.

In each case, the animals were discovered without any blood at the scene.

The investigation continues.

—MyToba News

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