Amanda’s Recipe for Budget Burgers

WINNIPEG, MB – I am really not ready to let go of summer. We still have a few weeks of hot and sunny weather ahead of us and I say, let’s make it the best few weeks yet! As tempting as it is to sit on a patio at some restaurant and take full advantage of Happy Hour, I like to keep my money in my wallet and do things a bit on the cheaper side. I keep true to that mentality when celebrating, too. This past week my blog, Peppers and Pennies turned two years old and to celebrate I poured a tall glass of Fort Garry beer and lit the BBQ for an affordable, at-home burger bash!

These burgers are an affordable version of a Quarter Pounder. By using a mixture of ground beef and ground pork, these burgers are not only extra flavourful, but easier on the wallet without skimping on size or taste. I like to pack these burgers full of onion, a bit of garlic, black pepper and the unpronounceable Worcestershire sauce to give this burger patty the best kick to your tastebuds. I also use crushed saltine crackers instead of breadcrumbs. While they aren’t too much cheaper than breadcrumbs, I absolutely find this method to give the burger patties a better texture.

This recipe calls for a nice mixture of half a pound of ground beef and half a pound of ground pork. I suggest you skip the chain store meat department and head to Miller’s or your favourite local butcher shop to source your meat. Going to a butcher’s allows you to have full control over the amount of meat you are purchasing and I find them to be more affordable and of higher quality! Top these guys as you please! I went for a classic lettuce, onion, tomato and ketchup, mustard and relish burger but feel free to top with cheese, pickles or bacon, anything your heart desires!

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Amanda Cortens, MyToba News


Amanda Cortens is a food blogger at Peppers & Pennies. With a focus on cooking from scratch, her recipes are both accessible and budget friendly. Amanda is a proud Manitoban who loves hiking, Winnipeg beer and buying local.
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