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Opinion: Chiropractic’s Future In Manitoba

Posted: March 25th at 11:30am Featured, NEWS, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. — Thousands of Manitobans go regularly to chiropractors for subsidized care but that may change soon as a media reports have attacked the profession with one sided reports.…

Asian Roads Feel Chaotic – But Somehow They Work

Posted: March 18th at 5:00pm VOICES
I’ve seen a lot of traffic in my day. I’ve driven three quarters of a million kilometres  in Winnipeg rush hour traffic; I’ve driven coast to coast all over Canada;…

Opinion: Trudeau Betrays Manitoba With Extortion-Style Threats

Posted: March 16th at 6:00pm Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, manitoba, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB – It’s easy for politicians to seem like nice people when they are surrounded by cheering supporters and are reading a prepared speech from a teleprompter. Repeat “Sunny…

The Lesson of Harvey Smith: Put the people first

Posted: March 14th at 9:00am Featured, LIFE, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - The passing of longtime Winnipeg council member Harvey Smith evokes the end of an era, a savvy working-class populist who knew the value of giving quotes to…

Why Don’t You Run For Office

Posted: March 12th at 6:30pm Featured, NEWS, manitoba, Winnipeg, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB - What do you think of politicians? Would you be a politician? It may be my perception but I think it's getting harder to find good smart people…

Opinion: Winnipeg Has Serious Problems, Portage & Main Is A Distraction

Posted: March 5th at 11:30am Featured, NEWS, Winnipeg, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB – Much of the talk after Mayor Brian Bowman’s state of the city speech revolved around the idea of reopening Portage & Main, and the progress that has…

We Don’t Agree on Media But We Need It

Posted: March 5th at 11:04am Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB - Recent suggestions from south of the border that would potentially legally threaten certain elements of media are frightening and yet there are undercurrents of society that would…

Hal Anderson’s Thoughts For The Week Of February 27th

Posted: February 27th at 12:12pm Featured, NEWS, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - Well, did you enjoy the Oscars? And did you keep watching right to the end when they somehow screwed up the awarding of the Best Picture Academy Award?…

Three Days At The Manning Centre Conference and I Forgot to Get The Hat

Posted: February 26th at 12:30pm National, Featured, NEWS, POLITICS, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB - At the invitation of a longtime supporter of my citizen journalism efforts on Winnipeg radio and Shaw TV, I attended the Manning Centre conference in Ottawa last…

Sometimes The Best Part Of Travelling Is People

Posted: February 25th at 11:30am Featured, NEWS, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB - My wife and I regularly travel all around the world and while we've seen extraordinary sights, sometimes the highlights are the people we meet. Not so long…
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