Can Walking in the Woods Make You Happier?

Posted: July 22nd at 2:00pm Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - “Why don’t we do more of what makes our brains happy?” The Nature Fix is a new book by Florence Williams, who happens to have been the…

OPINION: Why Does Manitoba Hydro Spend Our Money On Ads?

Posted: July 20th at 6:21pm VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB - With reports that Manitoba Hydro is requesting a massive 7.9% rate hike, it's time to ask why Manitobans are having to pay such a huge price for…

OPINION – Let’s Relax our Immigrant Investment Requirements in Manitoba

Posted: July 17th at 10:00am Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - In Canada today, there is only one province, Quebec, that is actively seeking immigrant investor funds and it is doing this successfully. Yes, Manitoba, too, has an…

OPINION: Manitoba 2036 can be Home to 3,000,000

Posted: July 15th at 1:00pm Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - Imagine for a moment the events needed to bring and Manitoba’s population to three million by 2036, just 18 year from now. In 2018, let’s suppose, Manitoba…

Hal’s Headlines

Posted: July 11th at 8:00am Featured, VOICES, Uncategorized
WINNIPEG, MB - Here are some stories that I felt were begging for a punchline. I hope they put a smile on your face...   An Oklahoma man was allowed…

OPINION: Trudeau Keeps Lying About Disgusting Omar Khadr Payment

Posted: July 10th at 3:15pm VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB – Since the story broke, Justin Trudeau has been lying about the disgusting $10.5 million taxpayer-funded payment to admitted terrorist Omar Khadr. First, Trudeau said there was a…

Challenges & Opportunities of Future Infill Development in Winnipeg

Posted: July 10th at 2:00pm Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - While there is still a significant inventory of land for suburban development in the City of Winnipeg, it has already approved what will likely be the last…

OPINION: The World Must be Crazy: We All Have TDS

Posted: July 8th at 8:00pm Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - The world as we know it has been turned upside down by the new president of the United States. When the NY Times tells you that the…

OPINION: When China Calls, Let’s Say Yes!

Posted: July 8th at 3:00pm Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - It wasn’t that long ago when Winnipeg was a star on the world map, a place where new ideas radiated outward to illuminate the farthest corners of…

OPINION – True patriot love – Celebrate 150

Posted: July 8th at 10:00am Featured, VOICES
WINNIPEG, MB. - Too often we Canadians sit on our hands when it comes to patriotism. We certainly are not as demonstrative as our neighbours to the south. Sometimes this…
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