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UPDATED – 58 Killed, 500 Injured, Including 2 Manitoban’s, at Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Posted: October 2nd at 9:01am International, Featured, NEWS
UPDATE @ 11:40AM LAS VEGAS, NV. -  Las Vegas Police have released that the number of people killed has now reached 58 and the number of injured has increased to…

O.J. Simpson Walks Free

Posted: October 1st at 10:00am International, Featured, JUSTICE, NEWS
LAS VEGAS, NV. — O.J. Simpson is a free man. The disgraced NFL football star walked out of a Las Vegas prison after serving nine years for kidnapping and armed…

Mexico Hit By Another Earthquake

Posted: September 23rd at 2:30pm International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Mexico has been hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. The quake comes as Mexico City recovers and continues to search for the missing after an earlier 7.1…

WATCH: Frida The Rescue Dog Emerges As A Mexico Quake Hero

Posted: September 23rd at 11:00am International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - As Mexico reels from the damage and lives lost after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, Frida the Navy rescue dog has become a source of pride and hope as the…

London Bomb Attack Suspect Appears In Court

Posted: September 22nd at 7:30pm International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - An 18-year-old appeared in court today and was charged with attempted murder following the bomb attack on a London train last week. About 30 people were injured…

VIDEO: Witnesses Describe Scene Of London Terror Attack

Posted: September 15th at 8:15am International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - After what is being described by authorities as a terrorist attack, eyewitnesses describe the moment they witnessed a blast on a train in west London on Friday which…

Residents Die at Florida Nursing Home After Power Loss

Posted: September 14th at 9:30am International, Featured
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - At least eight people who lived in a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, have died after the facility lost power during Hurricane Irma. According to a CNN…

The North Goes South: Canadian Soldier & Team Heading To Help In Florida

Posted: September 10th at 6:30pm International, Featured, NEWS, manitoba, Winnipeg
"Everyone is welcome to join my convoy from Canada down to the United States." WINNIPEG, MB - Winnipegger Jesse Lavoie served in the Canadians Forces as a Corporal in the…

“Leave Right Now” Says Florida Governor

Posted: September 9th at 4:00pm International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Florida Governor Rick Scott warns of a "deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge," as Hurricane Irma closes in. The storm surge is expected to reach "15-feet of impact…

VIDEO: Cuban Coast Slammed By Hurricane Irma’s Winds

Posted: September 9th at 10:00am International, Featured, NEWS
INTERNATIONAL NEWS - As Hurricane Irma continues to advance, it lashes Cuba after hitting the eastern Caribbean, killing 21 people and leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake. Millions of people in…
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