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RRC Opens First Sweat Lodge

Posted: April 20th at 6:30pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. — Elders, students, and leaders from Red River College came together Thursday in a special cultural ceremony to officially open the College's first Sweat Lodge. Led by Elders-in-Residence,…

Removal of Tuition Tax Rebate Impacts Manitoba’s Competitive Edge

Posted: April 18th at 2:40pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, POLITICS, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. - Manitoba's international education industry brings over $220 million to the economy annually but with the removal in the Tuition Tax Rebate Manitoba will become less attractive for international…

Winnipeg Skills Competition At RRC

Posted: April 13th at 8:30am Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION
WINNIPEG, MB. - Red River College is hosting the 20th Annual Skills Manitoba Competition today. About 500 young Manitobans will compete in over 40 Olympic-style hands-on contests at the secondary and…

Manitoba Government Makes Appointments To UCN Council

Posted: April 12th at 2:00pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, northern
THE PAS, MB - The Manitoba government has appointed eight new members to the University College of the North (UCN) Governing Council, Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart announced today. “UCN…

MPI Demos VR To Discourage Dangerous Driving

Posted: April 7th at 7:00pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. — Manitoba Public Insurance is launching a new virtual reality experience to tackle three critical road safety issues facing young drivers in Manitoba. Through the use of VR…

RRC Taps Microbreweries To Showcase Culinary Research

Posted: March 31st at 7:30pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, manitoba, Winnipeg
WINNIPEG, MB. — Red River College, two local microbreweries and other key partners unveiled a new culinary invention Friday – miso made from spent grain – at an event highlighting…

RRC Named Best Diversity Employer 2017

Posted: March 29th at 2:00pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB – Red River College (RRC) has been named one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers for the third year in a row. This prestigious recognition – awarded this week…

Government Appointees to Université de Saint-Boniface

Posted: March 29th at 10:00am Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, manitoba
WINNIPEG, MB. - The Manitoba government has appointed two new members to the Université de Saint-Boniface board of governors, Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart announced yesterday. "I'm pleased to…

Manitoba Museum Reaches Out To Northern Schools

Posted: March 21st at 6:00pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, manitoba, Winnipeg, northern
WINNIPEG, MB. — The Manitoba Museum recently delivered a dozen educational kits to schools in two northern Manitoba communities. These kits, the products of a project called SPIRIT LINES, were…

Manitoba Students Not Happy!

Posted: March 21st at 1:00pm Featured, NEWS, EDUCATION, POLITICS
WINNIPEG, MB. - Manitoba students don't like this at all. In fact, they're already protesting the fact their tuition is about to get more expensive. The Pallister Government is eliminating…
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