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OPINION: Fletcher 100% Right To Question Foolish Pallister Government Bill

Posted: May 24th at 7:45pm LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB - It's well-known that political parties in Manitoba - and Canada generally - are nothing more than elected dictatorships. Dissent and free thinking is crushed through an environment…

OPINION: In Wake Of Manchester Terror, Manitoba Needs Secure Borders NOW

Posted: May 24th at 6:30pm LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB – In the wake of the horrific Manchester terror attack, the importance of security has been brought to the forefront. We must face the fact that terrorism is…

Today In History – May 24th

Posted: May 24th at 1:00pm IN PICTURES, Videos, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB - May 24th is an interesting day in history. Dean Martin's last show aired on NBC TV in 1974. For some of the other happenings on this day…

Video Of The Day – Cyclops Goat

Posted: May 24th at 12:00pm Videos, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB - Today's Video Of The Day is weird and sad all at the same time. It's a one-eyed goat that was born in India. If you have a…

Your Favorite Coffee’s Caffeine Content

Posted: May 24th at 8:30am FOOD, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB - If you're like me and you drink coffee for the jolt of caffeine it offers, here's what a few of the more popular brands contain. An independent…

Today in History – May 23rd

Posted: May 23rd at 1:00pm IN PICTURES, Videos, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB. - The first non-stop flight from Winnipeg to Edmonton is made on this day in history, the flight took six hours and 48 minutes. Here’s a look at…

Video of The Day – Bike Jump Gone Wrong

Posted: May 23rd at 11:00am Videos, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB. - We enjoy showing you the lighter and sometimes stranger moments of life with our video of the day and appreciate you sharing them with others. If you…

Today In History For Monday, May 22nd

Posted: May 22nd at 1:00pm Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB. — Here's a collection of things that happened Today In History. May 22nd 1967: Beloved children's show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood debuts. 2001: Actress Jane Fonda divorces CNN founder…

Video Of The Day – Falcon Lake Alien Encounter

Posted: May 22nd at 12:00pm Videos, Featured, LIFE
WINNIPEG, MB. — Our Video of the Day for Monday, May 22nd looks back at an alien encounter. It was five decades ago that Winnipeg's Stephen Michalak came across two…

Baba’s Bavarian cheesecake

Posted: May 21st at 3:00pm FOOD, Featured, LIFE
My Baba is well known in our household for three of her culinary endeavours . #1 – Perogies. #2 – Spaghetti and meatballs. I have no idea where a Ukrainian woman…
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