Amazon Delivers in Two Minutes

Posted: August 16th at 11:30am Featured, BUSINESS
BUSINESS NEWS - Would you use this if the universities in Winnipeg offered such a service?'s new service that launched Tuesday will have customers' orders available for instant pickup…

Wall Street Surges

Posted: August 15th at 10:30am BUSINESS
BUSINESS NEWS - Just when you think the stock market will slow down, it hits a record high. The S&P 500 posted its largest one-day percentage gain since April as…

Nygard Garment Makers Demand Compensation

Posted: August 11th at 5:00pm Featured, BUSINESS
WINNIPEG, MB. — Severance is being demanded from Winnipeg fashion conglomerate Nygard International after a factory was abruptly shut. More than 200 workers in Cambodia were thrown out of work…

Mazda Claims Engine Breakthrough

Posted: August 9th at 12:15pm BUSINESS, AUTOS
BUSINESS NEWS - As many car companies are turning to battery powered engines, Mazda believes that they reduce fuel in an engine breakthrough. Mazda claims it has achieved a breakthrough…

Manitoba’s Economy Ramps Up

Posted: August 4th at 7:00pm Featured, NEWS, BUSINESS
WINNIPEG, MB. — Manitoba’s Growth, Enterprise, and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen says the province's economy created over 10,000 new private-sector jobs so far in 2017. It has also consistently posted…

Apple is Still Tickling Tech fan Taste Buds

Posted: August 3rd at 9:00am Featured, BUSINESS
BUSINESS NEWS - Are you an Apple fan? It seems that many of us are still fans of the tech giant. Apple investors get a taste of shock and awe…

Is Your Child’s Car Seat Safely Installed? Do the 6-Step Check

Posted: August 1st at 2:00pm Featured, BUSINESS
WINNIPEG, MB. - Did you know that every year over 10,000 children age 12 and under are injured, some of them fatally, in traffic collisions? This is according to a…

Job Openings for August 1st

Posted: August 1st at 12:30pm Featured, BUSINESS
WINNIPEG, MB – MyToba News is Manitoba’s preferred source for breaking news, sports, weather, and more.  We have now partnered with which is Manitoba’s premier local job site, featuring opportunities from…

3D Brain Surgery Simulator gets Hollywood Help

Posted: August 1st at 9:30am BUSINESS
HEALTH NEWS - Neurosurgeons have teamed up with Hollywood special effects artists to design a 3D simulator for practicing brain surgery. Vanessa Johnston has more information in this Reuters News video…

Tesla Hands out Keys to Lower-Priced Model

Posted: July 31st at 9:30am BUSINESS
BUSINESS NEWS - The new, lower priced, Tesla model is selling better than anticipated, and that may be an issue. Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk revealed advanced orders for…
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