10 Must-Have Gizmos Every Respectable Guitarist Needs

You can’t really know if the devil is in the details, but playing the guitar and not having certain gizmos could definitely be categorized as hell. Not only that the complete set of accessories will help you during life performances, but they will also make your sound a tad more interesting.

With an impressive collection of all sorts of gizmos out there, one might find himself a bit confused on what is necessary for every respectable guitarist. So here is a list that uncovers the secrets of guitar accessories.

  • Tuners

Some people say that a tuner is a quintessential accessory to any guitarist. Undoubtedly, when the instrument is in tune, it will sound a lot better. The awesome part is that a good quality tuner isn’t expensive and from there you can go high-tech or old-school – either way, it will surely sound amazing.

Another quality is their “easy to use” feature since they are very accurate. Also, the styles and shapes they come in are almost endless – from clip-on to pedal-shaped or portable.

  • Guitar Strings

Things are quite simple in the “guitar strings” universe – one must look at characteristics like the gauge of the strings and the material that they are made of.

  • Acoustic: there are two types of strings – wound with phosphor bronze, which will make the sound mellower, and wound with bronze, which will make the sound brighter.
  • Electric: here, the strings are quite similar. Specifically, they will be made of nickel.
  • String Winders

When it’ time to change your strings, the process will be simplified if you have a peg winder or a string winder. With one of these tools, you will wrap the string much faster than you could do it by using your hand.

  • Capo

This gizmo comes in handy when you wish to experiment more complicated chords. A capo will help you transpose the song, and thus, it will be easy to play more songs and use the chord shapes that you are used to. The capo is located on a fret of the guitar. Quality must be something that you pay close attention to before buying.

  • Wrenches & Co

It’s no secret that maintenance and general guitar setup need a lot of attention. You need to buy a set of special tools to string intonation settings, cut the strings, and adjust the truss rod. All of these can be done with a pre-configured collection of guitar setup tools, a multi-tool or a couple of selected tools.

It wouldn’t be fair not to mention how important it is to be able to adjust your guitar. Since there are a lot of changes and negative effects that can be reduced with simple adjustments, it would be a pity not to explore this area as well.

  • Guitar Picks

This particular accessory is useful for picking or strumming. Of course, the materials and the degree of thickness can vary a lot.

  • Slides

Slides come in many shapes and form, such as nickel-chrome machined slide for lap steel or a pedal, a medicine-bottle sort, or a brass pipe. Choosing the right one, it’s just a matter of taste. However, a quality slide should allow you to play idiomatically, in-tune and noise-free, so you need to pay attention to these factors before buying one.

  • Guitar Humidifier

A guitar humidifier is more suited for acoustic guitars than electric ones. Since these guitars are made of wood, when the atmosphere is too dry, the wood can begin to crack.

  • Leather Straps

Needless to say, they are both functional and a mark for the musician’s personality. The factors that you need to take into consideration are their style, durability, and comfort. Leather straps feel good, look good and smell good, and they become more comfortable with age. Also, they can last for a long time if properly looked after.

  • Guitar Stand

A guitar stand is a particularly useful accessory for musicians who play the guitar every day. Taking the guitar out from the case every time is quite a hassle, and you need to be extremely careful how and where you place it. A guitar stand is a good way to prevent the guitar from falling and getting damaged.

So there you have it! A list of accessories every respectable guitarist must have. Add them to your list of things to get, and you will see how they will make your life easier.

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