Meet Dancing Gabe, one step at a time

Gabriel (Dancing Gabe) Langlois was born in 1963, diagnosed with autism at the age of three, institutionalized at six, and non-verbal until he was 10. He moved back home at 11, graduated from high school seven years later, and eventually became one of the most recognized and adored figures in a city of almost a million people. On Sept. 5, fans will have the full and untold story of one of Winnipeg’s most inspiring and adored sports icons — Gabriel (Dancing Gabe) Langlois — through his biography: Dancing Gabe: One Step At a Time, written by Daniel Perron.

DancingGabe_Book_OneStepAtATime_350“Every moment of every day is a highlight for Gabe. And maybe, just maybe, that joie de vivre is the best gift Dancing Gabe gives those who dare groove, clap, cheer, smile or live in the moment with him,” said Perron.

In the book, Perron takes us on a 52-year journey, up-close and personal, with Gabe Langlois, his mother Angélina, his family, the many friends, medical professionals, foster parents and media and sports figures who influenced his life. His story will inspire you; parts will make you laugh, others will make you cry, and still others may shock you.

Anyone who has attended major sporting events in Winnipeg has seen Dancing Gabe in action, rocking, twisting, high-fiving and cheering on the home teams. It’s difficult to imagine how, as a child, he never liked noise and would put his hands over his ears whenever he heard any noise.

“For more than three decades, Gabe has been a celebrity at Winnipeg Blue Bombers games and within Winnipeg. His positive, friendly demeanour and passion for sport is an incredible asset to our community and an inspiration to our fans.” — Wade Miller, president and CEO of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers


This book is a unique collage of interviews, excerpts from Gabe’s own scribbler, family photos and recent action shots, with many parts told by Gabe and Gabe’s mother, and many of Gabe’s supporters and biggest fans.

Hear the music, feel his passion, and dare to get up and groove with Dancing Gabe.

For every printed book sold, $1 will be donated to the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation and $1 to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation to support autism initiatives; $1 will be donated to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ commitment to anti-bullying initiatives for young people in Manitoba. As well, part of the proceeds of the sales of the book will go to a fund for Gabe.

— Photo by JEFF MILLER,

Daniel Perron’s career has included 19 years as a Canadian Forces navigator on the CC-130 Hercules and 20 years in management and consulting. With Dancing Gabe: One Step at a Time — his first published book — he has brought together his skills and passions in research, investigation, analysis, writing and photography. Born in La Prairie, Qué., he moved to Winnipeg in 1990. He and his wife Elaine are parents of two adult children, Christopher and Michelle.

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